After you have created an event, you can adjust the privacy and guest settings before you publish the event.


In the next few steps, we will show you which event settings are available to you and how you can publish your event. In order to execute these steps, you have to sign into Jamatu.

Pro Tip

Privacy settings:
  • Public
    • The event is listed on Jamatu and can be found on search engines.
  • Public with external ticketing
    • The event is only listed on Jamatu, but tickets can be sold outside of Jamatu
  • Private
    • The event is not listed on Jamatu or search engines.


  • All
  • Only invited guests

Pro Tip

Guest settings:

  • Define capacity

    • With this option you can set the limit for your number of guests. When the limit is reached, guests can no longer register for the event.

  • Registration

    • If registration is selected as a required option, the guest must pre-register for the event in order to attend.

  • Registration deadline

    • With the registration deadline you can set a date until when the guests can register for your event.
  • Registration with code
    • With this option, a guest can only register for your event with the code he has received.
  • Waiting list
    • With this option you can activate the waiting list for your event
  • Guest pass
    • If the guest pass is selected as an option, the guest receives a guest pass with a QR code which can be scanned with the Jamatu app at the check-in.