Here's a quick guide on how to quickly and easily add tickets on an event on Jamatu.

Steps to add tickets

When you are in Create event , you can add tickets to your event before publishing it. 

  1. Click on "Add Tickets" to add tickets to your event

  2. Fill all the input fields for adding tickets

  3. Click on the "Settings" button to manage the tickets you are adding

  4. Click on "Add Free Ticket" to add free tickets to your event 

  5. Click on "Add Paid Ticket" to add paid tickets to your event

  6. After finishing the adding process, click on "Save" to save the tickets you added to your event

  7. When tickets are saved, you can continue publishing your event by clicking on "Publish"

  8. Your event with tickets will be displayed in this form to the visitors

    After adding the tickets, your visitors will be able to buy tickets and attend the event. 

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