With Jamatu you can create private and public events, invite guests and share the event on social media.
Create your physical or virtual event and use the various functionalities that Jamatu brings with it.


In the next few steps we will show you how easy it is to create your event and share it with your guests. In order to execute these steps, you have to sign into Jamatu.

Jamatu Dashboard

After you have logged into Jamatu, you will find yourself on the dashboard. Here you will find several functions that are available to you with Jamatu.
Create your event using the "Add" function in the top level menu or directly on the dashboard under the "Add an event" function.

Profil selection

Pro Tip

You want to create your event as a company? First you need an organization, see how it works here.

Select under event host with which profile you would like to create your event.
You can create your event with your private profile

If you have created an organization and want to set up your event with your organization, you can select the organization as the event host.

Pro Tip

Öffentliche Veranstaltung:

Private Veranstaltung:

Event type

If you want to create a virtual event you can do so by selecting the online event option.
You can hold the online event through the following options:
  • JamVirtual
    • The virtual event takes place within Jamatu
  • Event link
    • If the event takes place in another virtual tool, the live stream or webinar link can be inserted into the event

Congratulations! You have now created your event.

You can now forward the event link to attendees if the virtual event is being held through Jamatu.